BlackBerry Bold 9900 First Impression and Conclusion!

With a new OS, better speed and a high resolution touchscreen; the latest of the Bold series is no mere messenger. The Blackberry Bold 9900 Pay As You Go is faster, stronger and better than its predecessors. It has become the harbinger of good news for the blackberry community. A 1.2GHz processor, 768MB RAM, 8GB in-built memory, Blackberry OS 7 and a 2.8″ capacitive touchscreen of VGA resolution 640 x 480pixels spell out bad news for the competition.

So does its HD video, dual-band Wi-Fi and NFC support. The precision of the trackpad coupled with the responsive capacitive touchscreen balance each other perfectly. The only drawback is its lack of haptic feedback. Nevertheless, add a standard setting QWERTY keyboard and you have a device that definitely puts you in control. To begin with, the Blackberry Bold 9900 Pay As You Go is larger than the preceding Bold series. This means a larger screen and since it is a touchscreen, the increase in size is a welcome development. The Bold Touch accommodates a bigger battery.

Blackberry Bold 9900 Pay As You Go keys are softer, smaller and carefully sculpted for great usability. The only worry is that the metal ridge seperating the rows of keys is not properly fit. This raises concern about the durability of the keyboard but it is nothing to stand in the way of comfortable typing. The front of this phone looks as though it is equally split between the 2.8″ touchscreen and the keyboard while the back has a soft rubbery finish with perfectly cut edges, making this phone the unreplaceable companion for your palm.

However, a 5-megapixel fixed focus camera and a LED flash are the main attractions at the back. The Blackberry Bold 9900 Pay As You Go is also one of RIMs smartphones that come with HD recording. Video quality is quite high, frame rate is good, tolerable noise level and the contrast is ok too. There is also a loudspeaker below the battery cover. The 1230mAH Li-Po battery can last up to 6 hours 30 minutes of talktime. There you have it, Blackberrys flagship smartphone. So for those who would like to remain in charge, take that bold step and get one. It would rock your world!

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